General Cargo & Container

Our bulk cargo and container services are conducted on vessels, piers, warehouses and on consignee’s premises. Also at ship side, warehouses, and at consignee’s premises. Documentation routinely includes photographic evidence of conditions. Our survey includes the below services.

1. Cargo Conditions & Hatch Survey

Surveys of shipments to determine conditions and the extent and cause of any damage.

2. Constant Attendance

Surveys are conducted throughout an entire operation of a vessel’s loading or discharge. Physical examinations are performed for cargo, stowage, and lashing conditions. Surveys of stevedore performance, cargo and equipment handling and determination of the extent of damage are performed where applicable.

3. Refrigerated Surveys (Break-Bulk/Containers)

Verification and interpretation of thermograph recording charts, inspection of the general condition of containers and seal integrity and the investigation of leaks and odors emanating from containers.

4. Container Stuffing & Stripping

Surveys and professional advice regarding suitability, stuffing, lashing, and stowage of cargo.

5. Draft Surveys

Determination of quantities of bulk solid or liquid cargo loaded or discharged by calculation of variance of displacement.

6. Bunker Fuel Surveys

Quantity and Quality.

7. On-Off Hire Surveys

Examination of vessel particulars and operating capabilities, as well as the condition of holds, hatches, and equipment. Inventories taken to verify cleanliness and suitability of cargo spaces for any specified cargo determined.

8. Other

Port Captain Services, Arbitration and Expert Testimony.