Marine Consultant Services

This unique service was developed with our client’s needs in mind and to ensure that problems are minimized. Our goals are to minimize our client’s risks and to recommend solutions to problems that might arise. Clients are notified immediately of any and all problems requiring attention.

1. Client Representation

To ensure that the cargo inspection by the neutral inspector is performed in accordance with the latest industry standards. We emphasize particular attention on minimizing differences for clients during the general cargo transfer operation.

4. Report of Vessel Performance

To record and evaluate the overall condition of the vessel and measurement equipment used, the bunker fuel quantities before and after loading or discharging, pumping rates, pressures, and all other necessary information.

2. Direct Communication

To maintain a constant link with the client. To provide regular updates and make recommendations as required.

5. Report of Facility

To record and evaluate information such as equipment, storage tanks, line system capabilities, methods used to determine shore quantities, and any other required information.

3. Detailed Statements of Facts

To record and substantiate all pertinent information regarding demurrage claims (including delays, shutdowns, etc).

6. Standard Report

To summarize all operations and results from the above. This report is issued directly to the client promptly upon completion of transfer operations.