NetSynergy is our Premier LIMS Technology developed exclusively for petroleum laboratories, terminals, and refineries. It is the newest member of the Visual LabPro.Net family of specialized LIMS solutions.

NetSynergy is the only cloud-based LIMS offering the following benefits:

  • Convenient control of all of your laboratory data management activities
  • Total Compliance Control
  • Delivers the stability, versatility, and performance that your laboratory and customers demand
  • Developed by highly acclaimed professionals in the petroleum inspection industry
  • Meets the highest standards of data integrity
  • All laboratory data is managed in the cloud and supports convenient access from most web browsers and smart devices
  • Scalable application and database architecture that quickly and easily adapts to your laboratory’s specific testing and reporting requirements
  • Comprehensive lab data center management service
  • Hosts an intelligent lab order entry system with the power to handle large testing volumes

Feature Benefits:

  • Automatic scheduled sample login and pre-logged test assignment
  • Flexible reporting engine
  • Customizable analytical and QC test calculation methods
  • Meets the highest standards of data integrity
  • Data acquisition
  • Customized electronic deliverables
  • Fully automated billing system
  • Features customizable data search, import, and export tools
  • Innovative and dynamically engineered statistical quality control management system
  • Includes complete LIMS data center design and management service
  • Database and application servers hosted by RackSpace Corporation, the premier web server hosting service provider
  • Built on the most popular and advanced database platform and web application framework

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